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Scrotum sac is hardenning and pain in right side gap between leg and penis

Posted by rohan k.

It was never before. Suddenly 2 days back i had paining in groin area followed by hardening of scrotum sac with acne like projection of scrotum sac. The whole area was paining badly. The pain was in upper part of thigh also which gradually decrease but around the acne in morning I could realize dry blood that oozed out in night. Pain in upper thigh region is almost gone but in groin region still there. Acne is burst out but the same point has become sensitive and itching is continued since 2 days.It becomes very difficult to scratch even gently when itching is there.The entire right side of scrotum sac is harden and pushed testis to the left.When press the harden area bearing all the pain a drop of water (/watery fluid) came out from the point of acne.I never had sex with anyone. But have habit of masturbating.I am worried what has happen to me and even don’t know which doctor I should visit for check up? 


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hey thanks for the reply.

m relax as i visted to urologist. and he told not to worry but its foliculitis - a kind of infection.

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