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School PE NOT reducing Obesity In Children

Posted Mar 31 2009 11:40pm

Yesterday I wrote a piece on obese children and the parents that sometime make them that way. I know this blog is geared towards Men’s Health, but it’s important to think about our children and the importance to stress upon them good health. With that said, I also wrote awhile

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back about how my kid doesn’t have a physical education class but only what seems like a few times a month. My son is far from being obese and he eats pretty well, but I think a better PE program would probably benefit him more in the muscular development department.

When I was a kid, even through high school, we had a PE class at least three times a week and more times that not it would leave us tired and sweaty. We played flag football, basketball and all sorts of great sports that also taught us the rules and the essentials of the sports. I can’t speak for everyone but it seems like these programs are lacking greatly in America’s schools.

A recent study published on Healthday and publish on MSN Health said that school PE programs do not fight child obesity. Well, no kidding. How can these kids be active when they are only having a PE class a few times a month? It’s not only America’s PE programs, it’s happening all over the world in Canada, Europe and even Australia.

The study showed that there were some benefits such as increased lung capacity, flexibility and bone density, but the programs didn’t quite make the grade for fighting childhood obesity. But before we blame schools, parents are also to blame as I stated in yesterday’s post. The fact is that with all the video games and television, kids just don’t get outside to play as much as they did before technological entertainment came to be. We, as aprents have a responsibility to get our children outside and moving.

Physical activity plays a key roll in fighting childhood fat as does proper nutrition.  Activity has to be fun in order for children to really want to do it. Get outside with your children, challenge them to a footrace, go on a bikeride with them, take them swimming. Educate your children on the importance of a healthy body and physical fitness. You have more influence on your children than any one-day-a-week PE teacher ever will. Make time and help fight child obesity before it has a chance.

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