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Save the potency of five simple rules to help

Posted Feb 19 2012 1:28pm
World statistics says that 80.7% of men who have reached seventy years, and did not think to tie with carnal pleasures, indulge in sexual amusements at least once a week. What is the secret unabating potency?

Observe the five simple rules and you can expect the same thing.

Do not take breaks

It turns out that having sex can break the habit! Switch to sport, work, monitoring the life of fish in the aquarium and gradually forget the difference between the bright joy sprinting and short sprint in bed with his girlfriend.

Instinct is subject to human will - and here at the behest of the brain decreases production of testosterone, more rarely there is a desire, and soon you have a safe bed is associated with only one word - sleep. At risk: the shy young man, I gave a real life on the Internet, thirty-year careerists otodvinuvshie personal affairs for the sake of business, and divorced men over forty.

Of course, the forced abstinence knew almost every one of us. Military service, travel, work shift method, conflicts with his girlfriend, and finally - all of which can interrupt sex for a week and months. But, as a well-known sex therapist would say Roitman, "if the sailor returned home and he and his wife came all at once wonderful, there is no doubt that abstinence was not."

Suspension for more than 3 months - it is hard for the failure of the body, and - tee to tee, as in the gym - it is necessary to make an effort to restore the old rates. Curiously, with strong sexual constitution tolerated abstinence difficult, but the response recovered quickly. With a weak abstinence does not turn into an ordeal too, but to acquire its former shape is no easy task.

In any case, if no breaks in sex can not do, doctors recommend a period of loneliness to buy porno literature with high-quality illustrations and taking matters into their own hands at least once a week.

Curb the ailment in the bud

It's not about the worst bogeyman Men - chronic prostatitis, and prostate cancer (although the appeal once a year to the urologist and do the test PSA, prostate specific antigen - is the right approach to ensure that we are all more expensive).

It is also not a disease with bird names that are treated in the venereal disease dispensary (doctors are reluctant to talk about it, but the truth is this: the potency of a patient with syphilis is practically not reduced).

No, we mean the usual inflammation and sores, which are in sex ratio seems to be, and do not have a direct influence. Try to make love when your head from high blood pressure if the lead is poured, or heartburn hurts, or aggravation of peptic ulcer in the stomach like a brick lay down - and you'll understand what we hint.

Regular week of sobriety, a series of vitamins, ginseng tincture - to improve immunity. And do not let no one to turn into a chronic sore.

Do not try to sleep with half of humanity

Take, for example, the Great Helmsman Mao Dzeduna. He firmly believed in the teachings of the Taoists that the man to sleep with a thousand virgins, to reach immortality. Perhaps it was for the Taoist poetic metaphor. However, Mao took everything literally embody this precept into practice with very young girls, regularly supplied his servants. Mao lived, a few, in '83, but in recent years, girls have used an entirely different purpose: it is lined with them, to warm the old bones.

Why has ceased to operate his office - not a mystery. As a joke physicians, each new woman - every new prostatitis. We all have our own fleet of individual microbes. If a couple has lived together, they get used microbes, and fit in well get along with each other. If your desire - to pick up as many other microbes parks, the best way to wreck your body and do not find it.

Do not spare your caresses

As a young man looking for, so yes posmazlivey was less chatter. The reaction is instantaneous on women: look - excited. Later, much more important quality of a girlfriend: her passionate temperament and sexual activity. Touched - responded.

But why? Over the years, you begin to appreciate the partnership: for sexual boredom, which drags habit alone can not overcome. Any of us need help. But how to get it if you yourself have long been accustomed to a momentary friend unaffected intercourse?

At the Massachusetts Institute of Andrology investigated hundreds of men complaining of impotence. Patients are strongly different social status and intelligence, but they had something in common: they never bothered to prepare a partner to the act of petting. But in vain!

Studies have shown that female vagina nedolaskannoy identifies a substance as a neuropeptide. It causes male impotence, though not immediately, and the accumulation. That is, once or twice women nedolaskannosti you still do not, but if such a practice for ten years - on the verge of impotence.

Block neuropeptide release can only shock dose of hormones that are called kisses and caresses. That is neyropeptin - a kind of feminine protection, response to the indifference and violence. Because many neyropeptina isolated during the act has never excited a professional prostitute (note that this microscopic substance condom - is not a barrier).

Permanent amateur moths feels it has a detrimental impact in five years. And it is monstrous dose neyropeptina gets a man raping a woman. By the way, the Massachusetts Institute of rapists also investigated. They all end up badly - in both senses of the word.

Eat in the case

Sexual energy can be increased just one zhevkom. Miracle Grass growing right under your feet. Take an ordinary parsley. Both she and cilantro cause an immediate erection guaranteed. But you have to know when to stop. For the positive effect of just one beam, while the excess doses can lead to disastrous results.

The case when the 50-year-old man, married a young woman, the day before the wedding night eating parsley. However, rather than exploits in bed all night looking for an apartment imaginary lover. Herb Parsley - a hallucinogen.

In your daily diet should be unrefined carbohydrates and nuts (especially almonds), meat and dairy products or fish (proteins), acidic fruits (vitamin C), green vegetables (vitamin C), olive oil (vitamin E), wholemeal bread, or Bunting (carbohydrates) and 60 g of nuts (the biologically active substances).

A couple of times a week should pay tribute to seafood (zinc and selenium). And to clean up small blood vessels, which are completely in your working tool, from cholesterol, eat strawberries and fresh (not last year and compote) apples. Want to buy the best products for men, buy here
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