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saliva gland under chin/ eye issue

Posted by 2gr


firstly, i have tried unsuccessfully over the past 7 years to find a solution to this problem.

ent's, doctors, alternative health, the list goes on.

the problem i have is my eyes, at the moment mainly "my" right one and mainly at night, gets all mucosy and has a discharge not unlike what you would get with conjunctivitis, except its not, and its isnt allegery as i have been tested for this.

without getting into the endless details of it, my question is about the saliva gland under the chin. i have only just noticed, that it gets a bit swollen when my eye/s flare up.

is there any relation to the eyes and this gland? if it swells up could it be causing something here?

Does this swelling indicate anything? Its not really tender but it gets bigger no doubt and i find it strange that it mostly happens at night.

If youre not too sure about this, can you suggest a "type" of specialist that would be best.

hope you can help.


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