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Ringworm Humans – An Overview

Posted Jul 30 2012 8:34am

The Jerry Sandusky trial is underway.

Apart from being an icon and the retired assistant coach of the championship-winning Penn State football team, he is now in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons – being a sex offender with not just one but 10 victims to boot.

While he continues to maintain his innocence, a Sandusky interview with NBC suggests otherwise, and which has now been requested by the prosecutors of his trial.

However, it's just about getting him convicted that is so important here but if men are allowed to shower with young boys in the locker room – or even be allowed to "horse" around with them.

And we thought that the worst that could happen from sharing locker rooms was a ringworm infection…

Ringworm – Causes & Symptoms

Well, if you think that this ringworm infection is caused by a worm, think again.

Better yet, read on.

It's an infection caused by a fungus that causes red rings with white centers while the white centers might look like blisters, that might or might not ooze.

Moreover, ringworm will appear anywhere on your body and is usually very itchy to deal with. Also, this infection occurs on the outer layer of your skin only and can also be found in the groin (jock itch), beard or scalp areas as well the feet ( athlete 's foot) and finger and toenails.

So what are the reasons for someone to suffer with a 'ringworm' infection?

When you come into contact with contaminated items such clothes, combs, towels, sheets, sports equipment, showers (especially when they're shared!)  and pool surfaces or even a person who already has the infection, this is when the probability of a ringworm infection increases.

Even your pet can transmit this infection as it is highly contagious…

Now that we've looked at ringworm symptoms and causes, let's look at what one must do to prevent or treat this infection.

Ringworm – Prevention and Treatment

When it comes to preventing ringworm, the first thing that you have to do is to avoid all forms of sharing. Immediately. No letting other people use your clothes, hats, towels, hair brushes among other items.

If you frequent locker rooms and communal showers for whatever reason, ensure that you check with personnel as to whether they have cleaned the surface sufficiently. You can also use flip flops or shower shoes in these places just to be on the safer side.

Now, if you already have a ringworm infection then the first thing that you would need to do is keep your skin clean and dry and apply apply over-the-counter antifungal or drying powders, lotions, or creams that contain miconazole and clotrimazole as well as washing your nightclothes and bedsheets every night.

Now, if the ringworm infection persists, then visiting a physician is in order who will prescribe antifungal skin medication with ketoconazole that is much stronger than the drying powders, lotions or creams used earlier.

In Closing

As for Jerry Sandusky, he wouldn't mind a ringworm infection considering where he has been as opposed to a trial.

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