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Reliable Treatment for Acute and Chronic Back Pain at HealthQuest

Posted Feb 13 2013 9:44am

This established healthcare center offers several reliable, effective non-invasive options for back pain treatment.

Pain in the back can be a result of various factors such as a strain in the ligaments or muscles, injury to the nerves, spine, bones or the spinal discs. Regardless of the cause, back pain requires immediate attention and treatment.  

HealthQuest, based in Brooklyn, New York, has a range of proven, non-surgical treatment options for back pain. Treatment at this advanced pain management and physical therapy center is multidisciplinary in nature and draws upon the expertise of physiotherapists, neurologists, chiropractors and orthopedists.

The first step in the treatment here is accurate diagnosis. Each patient is thoroughly examined and evaluated. Advanced modalities such as MRI may be used to arrive at an accurate conclusion. A customized pain management and treatment plan is prepared once the root cause of the problem is discovered.

HealthQuest offers treatment with advanced non-invasive modalities such as spinal manipulation, disc decompression, TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), NSAIDs, prolotherapy, application of heat or cold, various manual methods, and facet joint, epidural steroid and trigger point injections. Chiropractic is also offered as a solution to spinal problems. 

These treatment modalities are aimed at resolving back pain resulting from various medical conditions such as ruptured disc, spinal stenosis, lumbar spine arthritis, lumbar muscle strain, osteoporosis, spondylolisthesis, and discogenic back pain. Back pain management here deals with acute as well as chronic pain.

The healthcare professionals at HealthQuest handle pain as a sensory as well as emotional issue, which is why they use a combination of psychological, pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatment approaches. This is one of the main advantages of treatment at this reliable healthcare center.          

Following their back pain treatment, patients are also provided with vital tips and suggestions on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle so as to prevent the recurrence of pain and maintain a healthy back.

About HealthQuest


HealthQuest is a Brooklyn, New York City-based state-of-the-art rehabilitation, pain management and physical therapy center run by board-certified doctors and experienced medical professionals who administer innovative but proven and customized treatment modalities to manage pain and return to an active lifestyle.

Contact Information
3500 Nostrand Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11229
Phone: (718) 769-2521

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