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regrowth of penis

Posted by Aaron

 hi everyone........

 is there any type of steroid that help to permote the regrowth of penis .what are there names and what are the effects and side effects .and what are the dosages.

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Please excuse me for butting into a discussion that has nothing to do with me but....Aaron..i do not know your I have to ask...promote re-growth of a penis or promote the growth of a penis (increase it's size) ?????  The first I do not know anything about, the second possibility...well.. you may want to explore more natural options than steroids...which can be harmful to your health. I would also have to ask why you feel the need to increase penis is a question I would ask of any man, because as a woman, I and many other women, do not care about size, just about the man attached to it. Penis size ranges from (on average) about 4 inches to 8 inches...with exceptions of course, either way. I hope you will check out the info available on wellsphere before you make any decisions on taking any medication that could have adverse side effects.
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