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Red, hot, painful swollen left ankle and calf

Posted by montgov

my husbands left ankle and lower leg have swollen significantly over the last 2 days for no apparent reason. It is very red, hot to touch. he went to Dr. 2 days ago and they said it was gout, the swelling has gotten substantial and the pain worse...hes 29.
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This could be very serious, if an infection, and must be treated quickly.  The other thing to consider is a Deep Vein Thrombosis (clot) or DVT.  This also can cause swelling, redness and pain of the calf and lower leg.  DVT is serious as well and must be attended to as soon as possible (doppler ultrasound to diagnose, treat with anti-coagulants/blood thinners).  If a DVT were to become dislodged, it can cause stroke, heart attack or pulmonary emboli which can be fatal as well.

Don't wait to get diagnosed and treated.

 Nurse Kate

 Im 38 years old and I am a female.  My right ankel gave out about 2 months ago, and Its off and on been swelling. It also turns red on my right leg, I have not cut my right ankel at all. It also on the right side of my right ankel it has been having really bad shoting pain going up it. like pins and needles, I use baby lotion on my leg and foot. So the  itching would stop. I also put my legs up above my heart. It hurts to touch it also. about a day ago my left ankel start to swell like the right one. I do have sjoergins sys i think thats how you spell it? I do take medication for it's called  plaquenil. I am seeing a foot dr. for my right ankel it hurts to drive to the store and back it really starts to swelling and the right legsturns bright red. so if any one could help i would appreacate it . thanks havasu


Hi, my husband's left leg's calf is all red, hard and swollen and hot on touching. He had faced the same problem 2-3yrs back but that time the swelling was on the right leg and on the thigh. the doctos gave him- NIse, aciloc, chymorl, asa-50. Please advise if these medicines are correct and should be taken again for swelling in calf. My husband is not able to walk properly and he's 27 yrs old. PLease help
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