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Raw Eggs Health Benefits: Headless chickens, anyone?

Posted Mar 20 2010 6:18am


A lot of these management gurus normally talk about assumptions being the mother of all you-know-what. And almost everyone assumes. Some say it is based on fear and some say that it based on a figment of your imagination. One way or another, assumptions are counterproductive which take on forms such as advice, rumors and so on and so forth. Perhaps the only use for assumptions is its use in the process of scientific inquiry, where a scientist creates an 'assumption' based on a hunch to be later proved or disproved by conclusive data.

Raw Eggs – A Health Risk?

Thanks to the experiences of some disgruntled (and loud-mouthed) individuals, people prefer to eat cooked rather than raw eggs despite the fact that it's only one in thirty thousand eggs that contain the virus Salmonella enteritidis responsible for food poisoning. Experts state that this poisoning occurs due to consuming battery chicken eggs or poultry that are reared in unhealthy conditions. So, all you have to do is buy high quality, cage-free, organically fed chicken eggs to bypass this illness that can easily be treated with probiotics.

What a travesty!

There's more than meets the eye, really… and even if it is fair to take this food poisoning threat rather seriously, one can still find a lot of benefits in consuming raw eggs.

Raw Eggs – Its Benefits

Raw eggs are a popular choice with bodybuilders and athletes for whom building muscle is a priority. Now, in its most accepted edible form (cooked eggs), most of its nutrients, the structure of proteins and enzymes, are broken down in the process. So, the biggest advantage of raw eggs are that these nutrients remain intact thus providing the most nutrients to the one who drinks it, compared to its well-cooked version. And one would not go out on a limb in saying that consuming raw eggs means that you now have access to one of purest forms of protein, which is the very structure on which our body is built on.

Apart from this, the fats that are available in raw eggs are what's missing contrary to popular opinion. No, you don't get cholesterol. In fact, they have nothing to do with each other because the fat in raw eggs are essentially good fats, and this is also a missing (yet very important) nutrient that our body needs.

Finally, it is well-known that as soon as you begin eating raw eggs, your immune system begins to get stronger and stronger with each passing day.

The bottom line being that one can benefit greatly from eating raw eggs, but should careful to have both the egg white as well as the yolk at all times.

Steps to consume raw eggs safely

Here are some ways by which one can get their daily dose of protein safely from raw eggs that is the equivalent of one meal in a day:


- One can start with 3 eggs a day

- The best way to drink is to break them into a cup, cover your nostrils, and drink it whole.


- No refrigeration but store them in a cool place

- If the eggs are cracked, don't drink them. Perhaps the garden would make use of the nutrients

- Don't blend them with anything such as milk etc to take away the smell. Eggs, as you should know, are tasteless and easy to swallow.


Perhaps the only barrier to some of our long-cherished goals are the assumptions and unwanted fears that make us run around like headless chickens. And thus the prize awaits only those who dare to do 'their own thing'…

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