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Rash on penis

Posted by willie

The other day I noticed a puffy red rash, with three tiny red blisters on the right side of the shaft, just below the head.  Also, I found a thin red line of irritated skin that runs from the underside of my penis, alongside the puffy inflamation, to the bottom of the pee-hole.  I would say the puffy inflamation is just a little larger than the size of a quarter, and is staying in one place.  It doesn't itch.  Doesn't burn.  Feels as though there is nothing going on down there.  For the past couple of days I have been wearing jeans to work that have rubbed against my legs and caused slight irritation near the middle of my inner-thighs.  The temperatures I work in have been a steady 80's & 90's in a twelve hour factory job.  Just a few days ago, on the same day the irritation on my thighs occured, I did experience very little itching between my legs .  As a result, I have this case of puffy inflamation and a few little red bumps.  I am 100% positive that I'm STD-free, as my wife is the same.  I'm just wondering what types of rashes/bacterial infections can cause such symptoms, and how they can be best treated.  Or am I safe to just keep the infected area moisturized?
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