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Random vomitting, upset stomach, sharp pains??????HELP

Posted by marinewife


Im trying to get some help for my hubby, hes a marine and he has been sick alot for the past 2 yrs....he has went to medical so much that they think hes faking, so now he just wont go bc they are so mean to him. anyways, for the past 2 yrs he will randomly get sick it includes bad stabbing pains in his stomach, vomitting, upset stomach....its alot like a stomach virus however i know that its not.....hes had testing done but they cant find much wrong except for acid reflux.....

over the past few months this has just gotten worse. almost everyday hes fighting nausea, upset stomach or vomitting. i have to cook very bland foods for him to help out with his tired of seeing him suffer like this. im worried that if we dont get it fixed that its going to get worse and possibly life threatening.

thankyou for your time/help


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yes he is taking anti reflux meds. he cant go to a civilian place unless he gets a referral from one of the military doctors on base. that referral has to go to our insurance co and they either deny or allow the referral and they also tell you how many visits they will cover.
Get him tested for H-Pylori. Sounds like that is what he may have!!
the same thing has been happening to me for the past 6 months except lately its been happening everyday instead of once a and going to different doctors for the next week, ill let you know if they figure out what it is.
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