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Quitting Is Not Always The Easy Way Out

Posted Jan 07 2009 4:41pm
Cigarette butt

Depending on what you’re quitting, it’s not always the easy way out. If You’re quitting an addiction or habit it’s not easy. Quitting smoking for some people comes easy and for others it’s the hardest thing they have ever attempted. For some it’s the strong addiction to nicotine that makes it tough to quit. For others it’s the simple habit that seems difficult. For most it’s a combination of the two.

Some people can quit cold-turkey. Some use nicotine supplements as aids to help wean them off of the high addictive and toxic drug. I have a friend that used to smoke two packs a day and quit using the patch. He used to tell me that it should come easy for me because I only smoked a pack every two days or so. If you’ve been doing it for just about every day of your life for the past 15 years it’s never easy.

Every time I have ever quite, it wasn’t so much the nicotine that got me but the habit of it all. That’s always been my case. It’s been over 26 hours since my last cigarette and I’ve used one Commit Lozenge to curb a craving after dinner last night and I didn’t even use the entire thing. I put it in my mouth for  a few minutes and then spit it out. I’ve had a few instances since that last one where out of habit I would go to put my shoes on to step outside and then it kind of dawns on me that I’m quitting. I shake off the slight craving and find something to do.

Various times throughout the day I will take a break from blogging and step outside for e cigarette, so now I have to find something else to sub-side those breaks. Drinking that first cup or two of coffee in the morning is a bit different without the menthol chaser.

Some say that a good support group helps but for people like myself, I’d rather not talk about it very much. Especially if it’s talking about the enjoyment of it. The good times you had with your old buddy, Nicotine. If you must talk about then talk about the benefits of not smoking. Like the absence of the smoker’s cough or throat clearing. The increase of energy (After your body kicks the addiction and withdrawals subside) and how much better you feel overall. How it’s nice to see your teeth become a brighter shade of white instead of that dull, pale shade of yellow. How your clothes don’t stink of smoke and when you finally get that smell of ashtray out of your car.

By far the benefits of NOT smoking outweigh and “Benefit”of smoking by a long shot. Some use the excuse of gaining weight if they quit. For some people the weight gain comes from substituting one habit with another. For others their metabolism may slow down a bit in the absence of the stimulating effect of nicotine. If you’re going to substitute one habit with another then make sure it’s a good habit. Start exercising more and drinking more water. These are a couple of things you should do anyway to relieve stress from nicotine withdrawal. Not only that, but they help reduce overall stress every day.

If you haven’t given much thought in to quitting, then you probably have no real desire to. Most people that want to quit think about it almost every time they light up. If you think about wanting to quit almost every time you smoke then you have the desire and drive. You just have to put it into gear and make yourself ready. Set a date with a “No Excuses” attitude and stick to it. Don’t attempt to be a casual smoker and have a cigarette every now and then or when you drink. It will become a habit again before you know it again. I know this from experience.

Some people try to count the days and some find it easier to not count the days. If you must count days, try just counting the first 7 and then count weeks. After awhile instead of saying “I quit 6 days ago.” or “I quite 3 weeks ago.” it will turn in to I quite on so-and-so day. Sooner or later you forget about it.

I don’t mean to preach going into the second day of my quitting, but I’m just trying to put some things out there that may help and have helped me before. What has worked for me and what has backfired. Try to find out what the biggest drive for you to smoke is and find away around it.

Lastly I will ad one last tip: If you have cigarettes left on the day you want to quit, break them up and throw them away. If they are around you then there will be more of a chance for you to want one and it’s too easy to just grab one and go for it. Out of site, out of mind.

MSN Health has some tips on quitting as does the American Lung Association

Also there is a really good post over at Healthbolt about What Will Happen To Your Body If You Quit Smoking Right Now. Very interesting.

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