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Public Health Emergency Declared By U.S.

Posted Apr 27 2009 10:38pm

If that doesn’t scare people into a frenzy, I don’t know what will. United State Health officials have declared a public health emergency after 20 cases of the Swine Flu have been confirmed throughout the nation in states such as Texas, Kansas, California and New York.

Image: Newscom

Image: Newscom

As I write this there have been no death related cases in the United States but at least 20 have died in Mexico and there are many more ill.

The last scare we had was the Bird Flu and before that it was SARS. Pandemics were feared in these cases and luckily we’re passed that though there is still worry about the Avian Flu. Hopefully this too will pass and soon we can only hope.

“That [a public health emergency] sounds more severe than it really is. This is standard operating procedure, and allows us to free up federal, state and local agencies and their resources for prevention and mitigation. It allows us to use medication and diagnostic tests that we might not otherwise be able to use, and it releases funds for the acquisition of additional antivirals,” Napolitano said during a press conference at the White House.

So what is Swine Flu? It’s an influenza virus that is common in swine but rarely contracted to humans and mainly only to humans handling or working around pigs. Symptoms are similar to human influenza and only a dozen have been documented in the U.S. before now. If you think you may be infected with the Swine flu for whatever reason, it’s best to be seen by your health care provider. The Swine flu is normally treated with the Influenza vaccine Tamiflu or Relenza.

For more information on the Swine Flue visit the United Stated Center For Disease Control.

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