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Prostate infection

Posted by JDragun2

Is it likely for a prostate infection to come back after a month of feeling ok? I was treated with levaquin for 28 days and recovered from a long [2 1/2 month] struggle with a prostate infection, and have felt fine for the past 5 or six weeks, but today I feel like my symptoms might be returning. I could just be paranoid as I have had some recent health scares and am much more aware of things, but it feels like I could urinate almost immediately after relieving myself even though I know that there is nothing left to void. I left a message with my urologist today asking if she thinks I should be prescribed another round of antibiotics, but I just wanted to ask on here before I try to contact her tomorrow. Does anyone know if a relapse is common? Or if it may not have been fully eradicated in the first place?

There is no pain, just the sensation. Thank you anybody who knows.

Oh and this is happening on the same day my stress test results came back with flying colors and no heart if its not one thing I guess it's gonna be another huh?

On another note, anyone know if there is support anywhere for hypocondriacs?

I really think I am starting to become one, since this, costochondritus, and a bad chest cold that has had an effect on my ability to take a deep breath for the last 8 days. [Doctor says my lungs are clearing up even though I still have the cough and difficulty in taking a full deep breath.

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