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Probiotics Side Effects

Posted Mar 29 2011 8:24am

The ability to progress is often determined by one's ability to unlearn and relearn. Of course, this process is much more achievable when it comes to children but as adults we find this so difficult.

And while Mark Twain once quoted that schooling should not interfere with your education, looking at the condition of schools across the world, perhaps one can understand why he actually said so.

Yet there are a lot of good things that exist in the schools that teach students today but aren't necessarily given any importance since the attention is often focused on the shortcomings almost all of the time.

So it's not assumptive to say that much like in the field of education, there exists good and bad teachers and practices, similarly in the field of health, the study of Probiotics (good and bad germs) also has its pros and cons.

The Dark Side of Probiotics: A Myth?

Ever since Eli Metchnikoff sported the theory of using 'probiotics' as an alternative approach to medicine (as opposed to antibiotics), every passing decade since the year 1953 has thrown light on the feasibility of opting for probiotics as a method of treatment.

Yet there's no doubt that it cannot be considered a treatment that is effective for every disease or every patient. (Much like every method used in the school education system isn't perfect either.)

However, the bottom line is that the pros far exceed the cons, and in this being proved in several experiments, people are warming to the idea of using good bacteria to fight against bad bacteria.

Tablets, powders, dietary supplements and capsules have effectively used 'good bacteria' as a part of their content to enhance the well-being of people as they need to be treated for various disorders and diseases, and yet the truth still remains (much like any other course of treatment) that you still need to be careful of using this approach as it can cause some harmful side effects in some situations.

All in all, in regards to statistics, the probability of the method of probiotics causing side effects is far lesser than other methods hands down.

Instances of Side Effects with Probiotics

Right off the bat, the only danger (read: side effects) that exists with Probiotics is the overuse of this type of treatment method. Since the excess of even 'good bacteria' in your system can cause infections that are anything but welcome, the truth is that these exceptions occur only in certain situations and diseases.

And one of them is when you are dealing with diseases that need medication that is of the immuno-suppressive variety.

While most doctors know what they are doing, there is no doubt that if you do fall prey to this situation, you will have to take additional medication (antibiotics) in order to deal with this infection.

Some of the strongest symptoms that you must watch out for especially if you are using the "probiotics" approach are fever, bloody stools and skin rash. The more milder symptoms are diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain and flatulence.

In Closing

No matter what – cut the educational system some slack, and just remember that much like the miracle of probiotics doesn't work in every case, the system cannot be an absolute system either.

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