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Probiotics Side Effects: No 'Compassionate Use Act' here…

Posted Mar 31 2010 5:37am


They called it Proposition 215 (also known as the Compassionate Use Act of 1996) which was a ballot passed in favor of cultivating and using medical marijuana only when permitted by a doctor in the state of California.

Needless to say, just recently, the decision to close down and reduce the number of places to about 70 that sell medical marijuana in the state has become a reality, leaving a lot of disappointed people who perhaps found legal loopholes to open these places not forgetting the users who were not necessarily in need of 'medication'.

Of course, this kind of 'outrageous' behavior throughout history has been countered by scrutiny and enforced control in order to uphold the 'noble' intentions of this proposition and so on and so forth.

However, I wonder why no one has done or doing anything about eliminating/ setting limits on cigarettes and alcohol yet. Where's the fairness in it all?

But I digress…

If one looks at the situation realistically, the ordinance passed has been due to the misuse of medical marijuana for recreational purposes not forgetting the direct conflict that this state law has with federal law, resulting in these 'side-effects' no matter how inconsequential this might seem to the folks who support the use of marijuana whether medically or for recreational purposes.

From a philosophical point of view, most things in life (when not viewed through rose-colored lens) do have their pros and cons leaving one to make choices that involve a tightrope walk of sorts…

Since this piece is about developments in medicine and the subject of overuse/ misuse, ever since the discovery of 'probiotics', doctors have found several advantages in the treatment of patients suffering from a variety of disorders and diseases while also enhancing the overall health and wellness of an individual in the form of foods as well as tablets, powders, capsules and dietary supplements which have the 'friendly bacteria' placed in them.

Probiotics – Its Side Effects

Despite the hue and cry made about the numerous benefits of probiotics in the treatment of disease, limited research shows that it cannot be used as a viable treatment method instead of a course of antibiotics and most importantly, should not be used to treat certain diseases where it causes more harm than otherwise. And of course, your doctor knows if it is suitable for you or not…

Even though most cases of side effects of probiotics stem from one reason, which is the overuse (yet again!) of probiotics without consulting your doctor before. In severe cases, folks that overuse can fall prey to infections that will need a course of prescribed medication as a cure.

Some of the symptoms in rare cases of strong reactions are bloody stools, skin rash and fever while the milder side effects are flatulence, bloating, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

It is very important for those on immunosuppresive medication to stay away from probiotics! Period.

In Closing

Just as Nature or those in authority cannot tolerate imbalance, one can somehow see that 'moderation' is the key to leading a healthy and happy life. Abuse is something that plagues all of us in different ways (and not just hypochondriacs or junkies at the other end), so it is up to us to use what freedom has been given to us responsibly and wisely in the same manner as we would seek to treat the Life that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us.

All in all, no matter how controversial this law is, for those who understand how important it is to live with a sense of freedom, California is the place to be!

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