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Probiotics Side Effects – What You Need to Know

Posted Nov 25 2013 8:39am

questions-answers I tend to look at Life in a positive sense. Even when the shit hits the fan. Since it has a number of times and that “Oh shit, now we have to go over this again!” thought has passed my mind in the aftermath.

That’s supposed to be bad. Right. But almost always, it has turned out that what I thought I wanted was not necessarily what I needed. Something better always came up…

In imbibing this philosophy, moving on hasn’t been too difficult especially since it works. Faith in this way of thinking has turned into trust. And which is why it’s hard for me to understand why something that’s genuinely good for you has a ‘dark side’. But apparently it does…

Take for example, the issue of probiotics side effects

An Introduction to Probiotics
you-get-virus-again-no-laptop-for-you For those wondering what probiotics might mean in the first place, it is a method of treatment (as opposed to antibiotics) that utilizes ‘good bacteria’ to boost health, thanks to a number of foods and supplements that are prepared with ‘live cultures’.

Of course, it is very different from bad bacteria which, as you all know, causes disease when it enters our system. However, good bacteria already resides in our gut and in recent times, has been linked to diabetes and obesity as well, thanks to their effect on our metabolism.

So, it goes without saying, that the addition of more good bacteria can not only help us with issues pertaining to the digestive system but as a method of treatment to ward off bad bacteria too.

In fact, when they are consumed in the form of tablets, powders and yoghurt to name a few, they “talk” to other bacteria but also “change the dynamics of the whole population of microbes in the gut”.

That said, there are a number of probiotics benefits that come with being open to this method of treatment that Eli Metchnikoff had proposed way back in 1953.

Yet as with all good things, there are times when probiotics might be not appropriate and which is what we will cover in the next section.

Probiotics Side Effects – What You Need to Know
Right off the bat, there are two instances in which you will have to be careful when using probiotics. The first is to avoid consuming too much of it while the second is to avoid it completely when on immunosuppressive medication.

Of course, use of probiotics in these instances can mean that there will be strong side effects such as fever, bloody stools and skin rash. At its very least, some of the symptoms include diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain and flatulence.

That said, if you are consulting a doctor either for your use of probiotics or even to treat an ailment that requires immunosuppressive medication, then they will keep you informed as to keep away from or how much to take.

In Closing
Are there any probiotics side effects that you are aware of? Please feel free to add them in the comments section below.

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