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Probiotics Side Effects – A List

Posted Jun 27 2012 8:51am

C.P Snow once said, "When you think of the long and gloomy history of man, you will find more hideous crimes have been committed in the name of obedience than have ever been committed in the name of rebellion."

Almost immediately, the term 'rebellion' is viewed with suspicion – yes, it's a well-known vice that must avoided at all costs these days, especially when it comes to young children who are being acclimatized to the social "process".

On the other hand, obedience is considered to be a virtue and one which is approved of by authority figures, no matter where you go. And they have to be right, don't they?

If only, right and wrong as well as bad and good were so white and black… but it isn't. Your greatest virtues, in excess, become vices… and vice-versa.

Frankly, C.P Snow had a balanced opinion of these two qualities, and is one that we must also embrace in our lives too.

Take for example, the concept of good and bad bacteria and fight between the approach of antibiotics or probiotics.

Probiotics Vs. Antibiotics

So, which of these approaches is better in medicine?

For several years, antibiotics has been the accepted approach, where not only does the medication destroy bad bacteria but also the good that resides in our bodies.

Probiotics, on the other hand, thanks Eli Metchnikoff, proposed that good bacteria existed, and could be used as an alternative for antibiotic treatment.

Truth be told, what we have uncovered so far, reveals that while antibiotics can be used to cure several diseases, probiotics is limited in this area – but that doesn't mean that this approach isn't useful at all.

In fact, with active live cultures (the addition of "good bacteria") being used to fortify foods or dietary supplements, people are finding that this approach seems to be more "natural" – or a balanced one.

This is not to say that the probiotics approach is perfect, and needs no improvement. If we can accept that it is good for human health, then we also have to accept that there are certain aspects of this type of approach that might be bad too.

Anyways, while there are several probiotics benefits , there are barely any probiotics side effects that have been found so far – save for one. And it's an important one…

Probiotics Side Effects

As mentioned earlier, there aren't any probiotics side effects except for one. And yet again, it has to do with balance that pretty much applies to anything else in Life.

Yes, we're talking about how much of it is used/ administered to patients… while the moderate use of probiotics can be very useful and effective, the converse is true when too much of it is used by the patient.

Although, this situation is rare, this can lead to infections that we can all do without, and which will require antibiotics as a cure. Some of the symptoms that are associated with the overuse of probiotics are bloody stools, skin rash and fever in cases of strong reactions while the milder side effects are flatulence, bloating, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

And no matter what you do, if you are on immunosuppressive medication (and very few people are!), avoid the probiotics approach like the plague.

In Closing

Remember, that as with almost everything, balance is paramount… yes, even in matters of health as well.

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