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Probiotics Benefits – What You Need to Know

Posted Nov 22 2013 8:37am

funny-religious-memes-13feb12-11-W630 The debate between religion and science (or me, it’s an education) has gone on for centuries now.

Take some time to read a few comments on any anti-religious Facebook page these days, and you’ll see how nasty (and bitter!) people have turned out to be.

Some people would prefer Odin to Jesus and others laugh at the hand of the divine when it comes to creating us humans.

While both these points-of-view with diametrically opposed with no end in sight, the only thing that they both can probably agree is that they really don’t know for sure.

It also points to the fact that even though both these ‘studies’, so to speak, can be classified broadly as higher thinking, their followers seldom show any.

If we were wiser, we would understand that there is good and bad to both these forms – something that has made itself clear in the study of health itself.

You know, good and bad bacteria, in the study now known as probiotics…

Probiotics – An Introduction
bacteria-culture For a number of benefits that this study has to offer, we have to thank Eli Metchnikoff, the founder of this study for his efforts towards the advancement of probiotics .

Simply put, it explains the presence of good bacteria (in our gut!) while also advocating the benefits that are associated with probiotics (using this type of bacteria to promote health!) as opposed to the antibiotics method.

As you all know, antibiotics kills both the good and bad bacteria while probiotics won’t take such as extreme stance, or that’s what the good doctor suggested and whose research has been taken to new levels in recent times.

So, as you should know by now, good bacteria can be consumed from live cultures that are present in foods such as yoghurt, soy yoghurt, tempeh, miso, dietary supplements, fermented and unfermented milk.

Of course, it might not have been easy for people to take this study seriously but as time went by it was found that certain types of bacteria did support the founder’s claims. Some of these bacteria included Lactic acid bacteria (LAB), bifidobacteria, yeast and bacilli.

And there are a number of probiotics benefits to using these good bacteria for our health, and a number of cultures, without knowing the science behind probiotics, eat a number of the aforementioned foods without fail.

Probiotics Benefits – What You Need to Know
Even if the use of antibiotics is well-documented as life saving, there can be no doubt that probiotics also has its place as well.

So, here are a few probiotics benefits that could get you on board #1: Improves urogenital health
#2: Prevents growth of harmful bacterial under stress
#3: Improves mineral absorption
#4: Manages lactose intolerance
#5: Improves immune function and prevents infections
#6: Prevents colon cancer
#7: Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure
#8: Improves Irritable bowel syndrome and colitis
#9: Aids in the treatment of the Helicobacter pylori infection (Peptic Ulcers)

In Closing
Are there any other probiotics benefits that you might be aware of? If so, feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section below.

Also, here is an article on probiotics side effects if you want to know more about this study.

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