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Probiotics Benefits – A List

Posted Jun 25 2012 8:08am

It's common knowledge these days that probiotics have several applications that are beneficial to human health. And just maybe this fact will drive that home: while the human brain weighs about 3 pounds on an average, the amount of probiotic bacteria in our bodies weighs about 3.5 pounds.

Yet another myth that shows us how important probiotics is to our body is the fact that they are not only located in the gut but pretty much all over our body for that matter – yes, even the useless organ which is known as the appendix.

With that being said, it's fair that we do a little homework ourselves in knowing what these organisms are before getting to how they benefit us when it comes to our health.

Probiotics – An Introduction

The term 'probiotics' means "for life", and is the study of microorganisms that are considered friendly due to the positive effects they have on a host's body. Of course, this study involves experiments that administer these microorganisms, in the case of humans, so as to generate these positive effects.

One must not forget the Nobel laureate Eli Metchnikoff who was the very first to introduce this concept of bacteria being useful, instead of harmful, microbes.

Of course, not every one accepted that this could be possible but thanks to the efforts of present-day scientists, probiotics has finally become a worldwide success. In fact, it has become so successful that people are just not using for a whole lot of products across industries spanning food (by adding probiotic live cultures), skincare and so on and so forth.

Not surprisingly, it was difficult for people to accept the fact that bacteria could also have a beneficial on the body of the host.

There are two types of probiotics: those which are introduced to the body by food (much like harmful bacteria) and the more prominent group that, as mentioned earlier, are already present in the body. Lactic acid bacteria (LAB), bifidobacteria, yeast and bacilli are examples of bacteria that have a positive effect on us when introduced to the body.

Of course, the idea of using antibiotics, which destroy both good and bad bacteria, didn't probably face so much resistance and is commonly administered with medical treatments these days.

And which you will find to be a bit drastic when you peruse through the list of probiotics benefits to human health…

Probiotics Benefits – A  List

While the world still largely accepts the antibiotic form of treatment, there are number of probiotics benefits that just can't be ignored, and we've just touched the surface when it comes to what these useful bacteria can do.

#1: Improves urogenital health

#2: Prevents the growth of harmful bacterial under stress

#3: Improves mineral absorption

#4: Manages lactose intolerance

#5: Improves immune function and prevents infections

#6: Works in the prevention of colon cancer

#7: Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure

#8: Improves Irritable bowel syndrome and colitis

#9: Aids in the treatment of the Helicobacter pylori infection (Peptic Ulcers)

In Closing

If you haven't already been giving probiotics much attention, then it's about time that you benefited from this new approach that benefits us in ways than we could have ever imagined, as opposed to the antibiotic approach.

Of course, there are doubters who continue to say that these benefits are not proven yet…

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