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Pro-Fit Iron Gym | The Review

Posted Dec 02 2008 5:03pm

Iron Gym 1

After months of seeing The Iron Gym commercial and actually wanting to buy a removable pull-up bar in the past, I went and picked one up at Bed, Bath & Beyond (Not a place I go very often, but sometimes they have some cool gadets). You can pick one up there for $29.99 and if you get BB&B mailings then you might have a coupon for $10.00 of any purchase over $30.00. So it came out to about $23.00 after taxes.

I was very hesitant about buying this because it looked a bit flimsy to me at first, however it’s actually quite sturdy. As far as fitting in just about any doorway as they say, it may not fit in every doorway in your home. I can only fit it in two doorways in my house. The reason is that I live in an older farm house and some of the ceilings are low and some of the doorways are thick with framing. It does come with a small safety wedge that you can insert in to the molding at the top of the door way you’re using and you can leave the bar there. It’s fairly easy to put together and comes with the necessary tools. What exactly is the longevity of this? I’ll have to give it some good usage and see how it holds up in the long run. Let’s get to the usage review.

Once you mount it up (no hardware needed) it sits well resting on the top of the door frame and uses leverage like they say to stay seated. I didn’t think I would be comfortable using the wider grip pull up because I don’t care for the width of the doorway because I like a nice wide grip pull, but it serves it’s purpose well and makes for a good pull-up. The close grip chin-up position works well too and the grip pads are firm and do not slip. I like the alternate grip pull up because it feels like it works your forearms.

The dips? What dips? you can not use this thing for an effective dip in my opinion. Maybe for simple shallow toning grips but not for a good, deep strength and muscle building dip, especially if you have wide shoulders.

Iron GYm 2 The push-up use of this is great because you can get a nice deep push-up in the position they show on T.V. and you can use the other pull-up grip positions for a close hand push-up and a wide push-up. Very effective. Nothing you couldn’t get from a normal set of push-up bars, but you can still make good use of it.

I don’t care much for the sit-up position of this because the bar seems to slide up a bit and it makes you concentrate on keeping your feet in place and not using good sit up form. If the front part of the product had more weight to it, it would probably work better.

The instruction manual shows you the different positions that you can use and gives you a very simple nutrition guide that has some pretty good tips in it. It also comes with a mail-in offer for the hanging ab straps free with $7.99 shipping cost and an offer for an instructional dvd for $9.99 and $3.99 S&H.

Overall this is a pretty good product for the price. It would also make a cool gift. You can look around online and find some other good deals on different brands and styles of this type of Pull-Up bar, so shop around. They are almost all the same as far as purpose goes but some offer better gripping positions and I even saw one with a wider grip. Search Iron Gym on and many different ones will come up.

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