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Princeton Review Lists Top 10 Party Schools. Cause No One Knows Partying Like the Princeton Review

Posted Aug 05 2010 4:30am


They might know colleges from an academic standpoint, but take this list with a giant pile of salt.  The link from BroBible is worth clicking just to read the petty squabble between commenters on which is the bigger party school: Amherst or Dartmouth?

The only real surprise here is DePauw.  Other than that, you’ve got a pretty good reputation with three SEC schools (FLA, UGA, UMISS), three Big Ten schools (OSU, PENN ST, IOWA), U TEXAS, UCSB, and a couple others.  Of course the release of this list means that now students from every school from LSU to (ahem) Amherst will start flapping their yaps about how their school is the best even though they’ve probably never set foot at any of the schools listed.

The only rule of thumb I will suggest:  if you don’t have a ranked football program, or aren’t located on a mountain or beach and you still make this list, you aren’t a party school, you probably just have crappy academics.  Which might explain DePauw’s inclusion.

If you’re from DePauw, don’t get mad at the person reading this aloud to you.  They’re just the messenger.

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