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Pole Dancing Exercise: A change of career, perhaps

Posted Jun 17 2010 5:17am


The teachings and the controversy surrounding the one and only 'sex guru' has always fascinated me. Yes, this is about Osho, a man who has been hailed by many as one of the most original thinkers that the world has seen in the 20th century. On the other hand, his critics labeled him as a 'conman' who borrowed his thoughts from both Western and Eastern philosophy, and therefore nothing that he taught was his own. Oh yes, that's why they say that everything is recycled…

But there's one thing that I really like, and is similar to the objectives of theosophy, and that there is no religion which is the right one while nothing is  greater than the truth.

And somehow when I hear religious zealots trying to 'convert' me (and which happens with amazing regularity), I just tune out… because religion, rather than liberating us, has caused more destruction and placed more restrictions on people.

Along the same lines, no exercise can be treated as the only way to get a fit body, and with an increasing number of experts recommending this DVD which offers us a pot-pourri of disciplines, it becomes more and more apparent why one should try different types of exercise to 'spice up your life' once in a while.

Pole Dancing Exercise

When the first two words of the aforementioned subtitle are used in a sentence these days, one almost immediately knows where the subject is heading – strippers, go-go dancers and so on and so forth… yes, subjects of an erotic nature.

But there's another side to pole dancing as depicted by Shaobo Quin as The 'Amazing' Yen in Ocean's Eleven who actually is a Chinese pole artist. And as history has it, some of these tricks performed on the Chinese poles have been incorporated into its 'erotic' version.

Keeping the amazing stuff some of these strippers manage to put out (pun intended) as well as these Chinese pole artists, one might wonder if pole dancing is good exercise to which the answer is a resounding 'yes'.

Benefits of Pole Dancing as an Exercise

Off late, pole dancing as a form of exercise, is popular as ever because of the rigor yet the benefits that it has to offer. Of course, the only implement used in exercise is the pole itself while the body itself is used for resistance while the routines are a combination of movements that have originated from ballet, gymnastics and dancing.

Not only does this form of exercise tone the body (since it is aerobic exercise by design) from top to bottom but it significantly increases muscle definition particularly the arms, buttocks and thighs. Most of all, it's just fun, especially for the ladies… and one can start this exercise at any level of fitness at any age with whatever figure.

And what's more – one workout burns about 400 calories while the routine consists of  a slew of spins, climbs, body inverts and static poses along with some floor work and hot filler moves, if one is encouraged to make a career change!

In Closing

Even though pole dancing has originated (and really flourished) in the exotic dancing environment, the thing is that all those dancers are as fit as ever, and that should tell you enough about pole dancing as a form of exercise.

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