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PMS Natural Krill Oil – Everything That You Need to Know

Posted Aug 08 2012 8:51am

Ever so often when a womam gets hyper, someone hands that line: it's that time of the month.

Ignorant and stupid people, that is. And the meaning derived from that "line" leads to ridiculous decisions…

It's a known fact that most women are assumed to be mentally unstable during this time, and is also considered to be one of the reasons why most of them never make it to the top positions at work or in government. Although, all that's changing now…

Some women are crazy, no doubt – and there are just as many men too. However, this myth has been one that is truly unjustifiable and really ignorant on many a man's part to rightly assess the qualities of a qualified candidate without taking into account – the processes that her body undergoes from time to time. Sexist, if you will.

Far from understanding PMS, some men don't even understand what menopause is – and why it's perfectly fine to elect women to important positions in the judiciary as well.

As I said, some people are born stupid…

A Note on PMS

Considering the folks above, it's a bad idea to take a closer look at PMS before moving on to solutions to deal with this issue that women have to deal with – almost every month.

Right off the bat, no one knows why PMS occurs apart from the knowledge that a change in hormone levels actually trigger it off.

By definition, PMS is a condition (no, not in terms of sickness – but a state) which affects women physically, emotionally and psychologically and which begins roughly two weeks before their monthly period begins.

For a majority of women, slight discomfort is felt with no need for treatment yet for those who experience acute symptoms of depression, irritability and tension, it is classified as a medical issue, adequately labeled Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD).

And taking care of oneself either through medication or making changes in lifestyle choices is the course of action that one needs to take, if they're experiencing this severely.

Dealing with PMS

As mentioned earlier, there are lifestyle choices and medication that one can opt for when dealing with PMDD (a severe form of PMS), and so here is a list:

#1: A diet primarily consisting of vegetables, fruits and whole grains are advised. Exercising regularly will help alleviate the severe conditions too.

#2: Tip #2: Cigarettes, salty and sugary foods, caffeine and alcohol must be avoided at all costs.

#3: It goes without saying that eight hours of sleep is a must.

#4: If the conditions are severe, then Folic acid and Calcium supplements along with painkillers are usually prescribed by a doctor.

Interestingly, PMS Natural Krill Oil is also turning out to be an effective solution according to results from clinical trials.

PMS Natural Krill Oil – How it Works

So, what is Natural Krill Oil ?

Simply put, it is an oil extracted from a tiny creature similar to shrimps (krill is Norwegian for 'whale food') and which also serves as food for larger creatures in the sea such as seals, whales, penguins and so on and so forth.

While some experts say that krill oil is beneficial in reducing the symptoms of PMDD, there's no doubt that further research has to be done in order to provide a conclusive analysis.

Here's an interesting article that details out the link between PMS and krill oil , and one worth reading well, if you struggle with PMDD.

In Closing

If you are a guy reading this, hats off to you – because you're making an attempt to be sensitive to a woman… trust me, what the world doesn't need is chauvinism or feminism.

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