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Please Your Woman By Lasting Longer In Bed

Posted Dec 09 2012 7:03am

The best part of an adult's life is to enjoy it sexually.But when you are not able to satisfy your opposite gender,its when you start feeling shy and loose all your confidence.A man is not a manif he is not sexually fit to satisfy his lady.


Now guys lets peep into some of the reasons why we ejaculate prematurely.One of the main causes is when you concentrate too hard on not ejaculating fast.If you are steady,cool and calm ,think that you will not climax before your partnerthen you will endure a much longer lasting sexual experience.You can only satisfy your sexual urge only when you are able to last longer.Pshychological factors such as stress,anxietyand fear of sexual failure are some of the causes of Premature Ejaculation.Your sex partner can help you out in eradicating the above problem by inculcating the lost confidence in you with intimacy.Consumption of medicine have side effects and with time it will not give any result at all.


If you want to increase the time then you have to focus on gradual training and increasing mental habituation to sex.The only permanent way to stop Premature Ejaculation is to practice natural exercises.Identify the problem from all possible sides- Physical,Mental or Hormonal.One has to recondition the nervous system and re-wire the mind to have long sex and have full control of ejaculation.You can also add a few things to your diet to help improve ejaculation. Eat a few blueberries a couple of times a week.Eat a lot of eggs,avocados,egg plant,beef,poultry,pineapple,bananas,walnuts and plums.


You need not panick as more than 25% of the men are suffering from Premature Ejaculation and the good news is that the chances of cure is more than 90%.The only thing that you have to follow is a good guidance.Try to have sex more often and ideally on a routine basis.The more routine it becomes,the less frequently you will ejaculate prematurely.If you have sex less frequently then it will be a strange experience or like a treat to you and you will be rocked with nerves.Practice makes a man perfect and there is no alternative way to it.So you need to be concious about your problem and try to find a solution gradually.Don't try too hard or you will end in no way at all.

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