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Please diagnose from the following symtoms : ankle swelling, red rash at ankles and on lower leg, spots on feet / leg / fingers

Posted by Simon

I recently flew to and from the USA and did a lot of walking when I was there. Also, I have to admit to late nights and excessive eating / drinking !

My legs swelled quite markedly whilst I was there and have only improved a little one day after my return. The rash began to develop towards the end of the trip and has not got considerably worse

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I have had an rash that was blotchy and reddish and thick and tender to pressure. It , in places looked like little cllusters of veins . I thought it was a vein problem for awhile. And  between the blotches were little red dots under the skin a little like a rug burn looking rasberry. It itched but not super intensely...kind of a deep itch and  I knew my skin was very  unhappy. After trying hydrocortisone cream (OTC) and antibacterial ointment, I noticed that it preferred to be dry rather than moist. Something told me to try a paste  of  baking soda and water. I speared it all over and let it dry. Then I brushed it off so it off but let the residue remain. Over the next 4 days, I did that as often as I could,(3-4x a day)and at night I even put it on and covered it with a sock so it wouldnt get  all over. It has been 5 days and my rash that  frightened me so much is 80% gone. THe  baking soda calmed the rash immediately and somehow allowed it to heal. I am not sure why but who cares. Baking soda is my new best friend. I have intermittently put a little hydrocortisone just for good measure but I think it is the soda. Before I tried the soda, the hydro cream wasn't giving me any or very little relief.I was so afraid that I would never want to wear shorts again because my leg was turning almost purple as the rash spread. I hope this helps someone. I love to do things naturally so this was such a find. And it  won't hurt you to try it if you're suffering with a rash like this. 
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