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pimplish spot on Penis shaft

Posted by hbombsman

I have a spot that appears to look like a pimple.  It's located on the shaft of the penis on the underside.  I have had it for a while thinking it will go away but it hasn't.  It doesn't hurt, itch or anything....just an eyesore for me.  If I squeeze it, there is a white substance that comes's not really the same texture as what you would get out of a's much thicker and not as runny as what you get out of a pimple.  But I could squeeze it everyday and get something out of it and it's not going away.  Any suggestions...
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should i see a physician or a dermatologist? 
I also have noticed small papules on the shaft of my penis and was referred to a dermatologist via my physician. I attended my appointment and the dermatologist had confirmed that the small papules were in deed enlarged sebaceous glands. However the dermatologist did not provide me with any information (just peace of mind) on how to reduce the enlargement. So my question is how does one reduce the appearance or get rid of the enlargement.

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