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Phlegm / flem on the chest and a stuffed up nose that needs blowing!

Posted by emrysgreen

hi, I have a build up of flem that i get rid of when im coffing. The flem is white which i beleive is good, but it came on about 4 days ago after i suffered a cold or flu last weekend, now that has gone i have the flem and still a blocked nose. Any advice at all please?
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Drink plenty of water, take expectorants, and allow yourself to cough.  If your throat is sore or phlegmy, gargle with warm salt water (a big pinch of salt, not a spoonful).  For your nose, I highly recommend Sinus Rinse.  It clears your nasal passages right out.  Hot herbal tea with honey also helps with the sore throat.

Cough suppressants are good for times when you don't want to cough, but won't help with the underlying problem.

hey im going through exact the same thing a i had like a cold 10 days ago, then turned into chest infection after 3 dyas on the 5th i went doctors got some anitbiotics.  I think the chesty infcetion has cleared up but is still have been coughing allo and have white mucus. feels as though its stuck in my throat and if anyone tells me to drink more fluids im gonna into the river thames!!.  im gona wait it out next few days hopefully the muscus and coughing eases or im going back to doctors.  you should do the same i have asthma as well which makes it even worse!


let me know how ur getting on. 

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