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Penis Not Straight and Unbalance Scrotum

Posted by johnny88


I have a curve to right penis and my scrotum is unbalance, same size but 1 is higher another 1 lower. I have no problem on ejaculation, urination.

Am I having any health problem? 

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Some good info there by RX blogger as usual.


However, Peyronie's disease is usually charactarized by a severe bend in the penis of 45 degrees or more, a lot of male's have curved penises and it is somewhat thought to be quite normal, however if you do have a more serious penis curvature or would simply like to straighten it out there is alternatives to penis correction surgery.


Andropenis Gold is a known and approved Peyronie's disease and penis curvature correction method and as rx blooger suggested vitamin E oil works too by helping to break down the hard plague that is usually associated with a curvature of the penis. We have found that while using both methods men with quite severe bends can correct the curvature permanently within 6 months of daily use.


It takes dedication but it can be done naturally and in our opinion it sure beats penile corrective surgery.


Please copy and paste the follwing link on more info on Penis Curvature and Peyronie's Disease:

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