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penile yeast infection

Posted by helpme

Three pimples appeared on top center lower of penis head.  Abrasions base of head top center. Thought insect bite...later that it was a bacterial or fungus infection.  Went to Dr.  His exact words.  Not your classical herpes lessions.  He thought it was herpes.  Botched the culture.  Later in the week found out that girlfriend was treated for vaginitis.  Because it was not STD her Dr. felt that I did nit need to be treated.  However  I am a Diabetic (treated with pills).  Under control.  A1C 6.  Hindsight I should have been treated as well.  If in early stages can this be confused with genital herpes?  We talked about this.  But in limbo because of culture.  What can I do?  When and what type of test well help resolve the issue one way or the other? We do have long intense sessions.
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