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Penil blistering.

Posted by mandrake

ok, I had chicken pox as a kid. Now, I'm 40ish and have had a reddish, bloodish blisterish condiction around the base of the head of my penis for months. I don't have any insurance. I think its been maintianed by masterbation? For quit a while I have been contemplating lancing it(not popping it) myself?
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Before deciding on any medical procedure you should figure out the underlying cause of your problem. Depending on what's causing them, lancing won't keep them from reoccuring. 


Blistering can result from a number of things including friction, heat, cold, some exposure to a substance, or an infection. Assuming you haven't been overly exposed to the elements, and there hasn't been too much abrasive friction in your genital area, there's a good chance that it could be an infection of some sort.


That does not mean that you have an STI, as there are a number of infections that can cause blistering. As you have mentioned  you did have chicken pox which means it could be a form of shingles. Shingle rashes can occur just about anywhere on the body, inlcuding the genitals. It could also be a herpes outbreaks . When you do have outbreaks there is usually a mild tinlgling and burning that preceds the appearance of lesions and watery blisters. With the watery blisters are usually accompanied by low-greade fever, headache, muscle aches, and swollen lymph nodes. The blisters usuallybreak down within 24-72 hours after appearing, and then they break down leaving ulcer like sores. Some other diseases that leave blisters are impetigo and eczema.


I know you said you don't have insurance, but it might be worth ruling out an STI. You can get a range of tests, or just tested for one thing through places like Planned Parenthood.  You can call your local center for prices (usually in the $100-$200 range without any insurance). 


Hopepfully you find relief and figure out the cause of your symptoms. Remember to never do anything without the clearance from a medical doctor. Good luck! 

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