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pain over lower abdomen

Posted by viruz

hi i am 25 yrs old and from past 2 months i am suffering with pain over my urinary bladder region and i have approached surgeon (previously when i was 15 i undergone undiscarded test operation for my right testies n variocelle for my left testies)he was the same person who operated me n he gave me pottasium citrate solution for two weeks but there was no use of it and i again went to him and he prescribed urine test but the reports were negative and again he prescribed me ct scan and urine test in that ct scan is normal and in urine reports they told that it was urine infection and suggested some medicines regarding sensitivity n seeing that doctor gave me ofloxacin tablets  for 1 week daily one n amikacin injection to iv daily two for 5 days and after using them i got relief but immediately after completion of course i am getting slight pain again i am unable to strech my legs plz giv me a good suggestion i am having a mental tension abt my future
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i am not satisfied with my doctorand regarding my problem to which specialist should i go (physician,surgeon,urologist) please specify
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