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pain around entire body around rib cage area

Posted by lauramcall

sharp pain fight under breast in spots around entire body horizon and right cheek

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So, what kind of a doctor would you suggest. My boyfriend is suffering from the same symptoms and we have seen a Cardiologist, 2 family doctors who have sent us on a wild goose chase of MRIs, Chest Xrays, weve visited a neurologist who examined the C-T-L Spine... and a pain management Doctor who prescribed medication to delute the problem. Money is dissapearing and our patience is wearing thin. Suggestion please?

Lung doctor could help. I go for mild emphysema to Dr James.

I had mild breast cancer, right side, with radiation. 

I  have had tremendous pain on my right side, like cramping. Severe for a long time. Long before I ever found out I had emphysema. That test was because of this pain. Pain, now not every day, but I have to be careful about moving my right side. I blamed radiation but no doctor would agree until a recent new oncologist who confirmed that it was radiation.

But now, I have pain on the left side too in the rib cage sometimes. So I thought maybe the radiation, reached the left side. I haven't seen a doctor since it began on the left side. Lung doctor appointment in Dec. and Oncologist in March '10. 

I thought I would look this up. It has been 3 years since the radiation. I'm thinking that the information about breathing, fluids, more vitamins, more walking, would help like they say on the information I've googled. I have a month before the Lung doctor. I would rather fix it myself than have any more tests. I will write again in a month and half after Lung doctor gives his diagnosis. Not sure if this will help any at all. My original surgeon just said it was the muscle breaking down. Oh great!


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