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Numbness in my lower legs

Posted by Usman K.

When I cross my legs (i.e., place one leg over another) while seating, after 2-3 minutes my upper leg (i.e., if I place my right leg over left leg) starts getting numb and itching starts. This numbness is below knee.

 Seconldy, when I sit on ground without any chair or support, my lower legs (below knees) start getting numb after 15-20 minutes?

I have been diagnosed with high uric acid since last 3 years and I am taking medicine (Zyloric - Allupuronol 300 mg) for this in 2 days a week. Rest I have no other disease so far, other than obese. My weight is 125 kgs and I am trying to reduce that by maintaining healthy diet and exercise. I have successfully reduced 10 kgs in last 2 months.

What is the cause of this numbness and what should I do to avoid this?

 Thanks in advance for answering the query

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