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Nose bleed not sure if due to dry air, short headaches (5-15 seconds, random pins and needles feeling in finger and behind right

Posted by JoePen

I have had a mild tremor in my hands my entire life.  Recently I have been experiencing random nose bleeds, short headaches (5-15 seconds), and pins and needles feeling in my finger tips and behind my right shoulder blade.  I've also had some pain in my shoulders (tight and stiff feeling/cold).   My nose doesn't pore out blood.  It will feel stuffy and when I blow my nose, I get dried blood instead of mucus.  Could be due to dry air but when I started experiencing these random short headaches, I got a little nervous.  I do drink a lot of caffeine (2-4 diet cokes/day), not sure if that's related.  Recently I do sometimes notice when talking in meetings I will say something and the words I chose in my head aren't exactly what comes out (e.g. merging words together).  My speech and thoughts don't seem as clear as they use to but I'm 34 and didn't know if that's just because I'm getting older :). 

Can an iron or b12 deficiency cause any of this?  My sister is "B12" deficient and takes b12 injections.  I didn't know if that is hereditary and could be the cause of some of this or might just be all coincidental.





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