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Neuro-Active Bike: Exercise Your Brain And Body

Posted Feb 25 2009 4:27pm


There was a gym at the Marine base at Quantico where I was stationed for almost 4 years that had a recumbent stationary bike that was sort of like a video game. You could control the bike on a track through a screen that was mounted on the front of it and two hand controls that controlled the direction you were going and even tilted the bike. It was in the mid 90’s so it was during the whole “Virtual” kick that was going on. The graphics were lackluster and it got boring really quickly. At first it was kind of cool because it sort of took your mind off of the actual exercise and you had a goal, but as I said, it lacked and was boring.

A new recumbent bike is coming to fitness centers that is similar but it exercises your brain as well! With different types of brain games, the Neuro-Active Bike not only get’s your heart rate up and calories burning but it trains you to multitask too. Let’s face it, some people have a hard time walking and chewing gum at the same time. With the Neuro-Active Bike you have a mouse and a large screen for you to use to work memory games as well as arithmetic and exercise your concentration skill.

The physician-owned BCA, which pioneers brain-fitness programs designed to improve memory, concentration, multitasking and a complete range of mental abilities, developed the NeuroActive Bike to enable users to combine cardio workouts with brain workouts on what is, literally, a “brain gym.” It comprises a technologically advanced recumbent stationary bike coupled with a specially adapted interactive brain-training program displayed on an all-in-one PC screen.

Take a look at this video of Good Morning America covering the Neuro-Active Bike and testing it out.



This is great because it takes your mind off of the workout and that’s a big part of the redundancy that comes with a good exercise regiment. A lot of people use music or television, which are both great while working out, but it just kind of distracts your mind a little. The Neuro-Active bike exercises your mind and we can all use a little brain fitness every now and then. To learn even more about the Neuro-Active Bike and to view other videos and screen shots of the Neuro-Active Bikes screen please visit Brain Center America’s Social Media site.

Image used with permission from Roar Media

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