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Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Posted Jul 03 2009 9:01am 1 Comment

Erectile dysfunction means there is no erection in penis or there is no hardness. Erectile dysfunction problem occurred in the old age but now young males also faced this problem. Erectile dysfunction can be caused due to physical and psychological factor like stress, depression, lack of confidence, hormonal imbalance, illness and low level of testosterone.

Erectile dysfunction can also be caused due to the deficiency of any tissues in our body, nerve impulsive and any injury to the male sexual organ. Erectile dysfunction can be caused due to the consuming of alcohols, smoking, drugs and also due to the over weight. Erectile also called male impotence. There are many pills offered to deal with erectile dysfunction. But these drugs have many side effects like headache, insomnia, nasal problem and fatigue. So always go for natural and herbal treatment because as these treatments do not have any kind of side effects. There are many therapies also offered like acupuncture and herbal oil massages. These therapies are also good to deal with erectile dysfunction.

Some natural treatments are there to deal with the erectile dysfunction

Take a nutritious diet. As nutrients fills all the deficiency in your body and give energy. Nutritious diet also helps to improve the flow of blood circulation to the penis.

Also consume foods that are rich in amino acid like meat, water fish, milk and milk products. It helps you in erection and proper flow of blood circulation and also helps to increases the energy.

Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by the deficiency of zinc. So consume food which are rich in zinc or zinc pills are also offered.

Exercises, meditation and yoga these three are also very effective to deal with the erectile dysfunction as well as all sexual problems. Exercises give energy and increase the sex ability. Yoga also increases the confidence and freshness to the mind. Meditation also good for over health, also increases the lower testosterone level and proper flows of blood circulation to the male sexual organ. Meditation also helps in decreasing the stress and depression.

Try to eliminate the alcohols, smoking and drugs as they cause erectile dysfunction. Drink water as much as you can it helps you to deal with all the sexual problems. Water helps you to clean up the infections through urine. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses in a day.

Avoid diet which contains high cholesterol or fat food. Consume fibers and raw fruits and vegetables it helps you to increases the testosterone level and stamina. Oysters are also good to consume as they improves the sexual ability.

Give proper massages to your penis with herbal oils. As it helps to improves the hardness in penis. Also consume herbal preparations.

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consuming Urimax-d for BPH may lead to Erectile Dysfuction? Pl  confirm
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