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My son gets sudden bloody noses, usually comes with a bad headache, but this time it was like a large rubberband of blood. He h

Posted by mgorbett

My son is 16 nad keeps getting severe bloody noses just out of the blue.  This happened to my sister when we were little so I've never thought anything of it.  Today he said he had a headache (which he does whenever his nose bleeds) and his nose started bleeding.  He has no other symptoms.  No cold, runny nose, fever, etc.  This bloody nose poured out alot and then on one side had a thickness to it like a large rubberband.  It went on for at least 6in.  It wasn't a regular kind of snotty, bloody nose.  Can anyone help me figure this out?  I don't want to rush him to the MD is i don't have to, but also don't want to ignore this.



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