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My semen analysis count 2 million, I have varicose veins left testicle, Doc said surgery. Should I go 4 that or any alternate?

Posted by samk

I am a married Men since 2 years but still after many tries we haven't able to get child.

My wife tests are fine so Doctor said to have my semen analysis. I had a semen analysis which counts 2 million, then I had a ultrasound test where we found varicose veins in left testicle. Doctor said surgery will cure this problem.

Please suggest me that should I go for the surgery or is their any alternate available for my case?

 If surgery is fine then do you think the count will increase to 20 million which is necessary?

 If possible you can suggest which hospital/Doctor is good to undergo the surgery from him in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Many thanks.

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