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My name is Nancy and my husband coughs (seeminly) dry coughs on the on set of the weather changing.

Posted by nancy

He only coughs when the weather is cold. Year after year walking from the house to the car in the morning (seems) to be the worst. He usually coughs all day. He doesn't smoke-never has. He coughs til he throws up sometimes. And the coughing ends when the weather isn't so cold-by the end of January mostly. And he doesn't have any other symptoms like fever, running nose, or headaches. Nothing. Just the coughing through out the day. And the cough seems to be dry...with no mucus. If you have any thoughts we would be glad to hear an opinion. Thank you! Nancy

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Nancy, I have the same symptoms (cough when the weather turns cold, mostly when walking to the car, after eating and for some crazy reason, in the grocery store). I have been searching for a cause and a remedy without much luck. For the last two winters my doctor prescribed two inhalers and a steroid pack with a diagnosis of bronchitis and the meds helped. At least I did not feel like I was choking all the time. I have not yet been to see her this year but the cough is back! 
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