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My name is Cecil and I have Idiopathic Peripheral Neuropathy I've had it since 1999. Is there a cure?

Posted by Cecil

Around April of 1999 I got up one morning and my ankles were the size of the old fasion softball. I was barely able to walk. But I was able to drive my truck from St. Louis Ill. to my company yard. Within the next three months I had everything from freezeing to burning, numbness, extreme pain and durying this I had no feeling. But I felt all these any way. It is now 2010 and I'm using a wheelchairabout 90% of the time. Also I have no feeling up to my waist. Which means that I don't know when I need to use the bathroom. My dactors have told me they don't know what is causing this problem. But they don't think that it being in the familyan my mothers side. Plus I am on thirteen diferent types of med.

Can anyone tell me anything more than what the doctors have. Which is that in the long run I will be bed ridden. With my wife doing everything for me. cleaning me changing my diaper and even feeding me. PLEASE DOES SOMEONE HAVE SOME IFO.

Cecil  < >

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