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my left foot has been swollen for 4 days after a gout attack.

Posted by ricgrant56

Last week I ran on treadmill 4 miles on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday morning I felt fine but wore some shoes where I could not bend the toe on the left foot because it was a little swollen. I also have a bunion at the bottom right of my big toe on left foot. Anyway it hurt to walk around and I figured it was just my shoes. On Friday I wore my tennis shoes and my foot hurt just a little. On Saturday morningmy foot started hurting real bad. Specifically my big toe. It had swollen and it was very painful. I stayed off my feet and took 600mg of Advil every 8 hours. On Sunday the pain in my toe subsided but I had a hard time walking so I stayed off of it. On Monday I noticed that my foot was swollen as well. It hurt to bend my little toes. I iced down my foot, elevated it and continued taking advil. Now my toe is not painful but my foot hurts and I can hardly walk beacuase I can't bend my foot due to swelling. I stayed off of it on Tuesday as well and now its Wednesday and I can walk better but it still hurts and the swelling is less and I can move my little toes more. I'm 53 yrs old I'm 5' 7" tall and weigh 182lbs. I have high blood pressure as well. (137/89) What do you think?
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