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My husband has hard little bumps that are itchy on his hands, arms and feet. We have no idea what they are. Any ideas?

Posted by Kadin

They are not very big smaller than a pea, really hard to touch. He says that they itch. There's not a whole lot of them they are kind of scattered, maybe like 5 on one of his hands including his fingers. It's spread from his hands to his arms and now they're showing up on his feet. He said he tried popping one but it just came back. 

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I had a similar reaction on my hands and feet. I am an immunologist and knew it was an allergic reaction. It turned out to be an allergic reaction to a fungal infection (athlete's foot). Try searching the web for dermatophyte reactions to see if it is similar to your husband. Remember, he may not even be aware he has athlete's foot (Tinea pedis).


Best regards


Sorry, should have been dermatophytid reactions
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