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My husband has 8 months of blood tests that show his RBC are continually enlarging what is possibly wrong?

Posted by Stacy R. Facebook

my husband is diabetic, severe emphysema, sclerosis of the heart has smoked 2plus packs a day for 40 years. Symtoms for the last 8 months are severe tiredness, weakness, bone and muscle pain, heart palps, dizzyness, light headed, foggy thinking. Heart doc said he has no blockages to explain symtoms... family doc has run tests on oxygen levels  and a blood gas test and said oxy levels still in normal range. Over the last 6 months have been told that his red cells were enlarged and continue to get bigger. Now they are doing thyroid test and maybe a bone biopsy.
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Thank you for the answer I think it will help us with what questions to ask. I noticed you said "high red blood cell count" , is that the same as enlarged red cells? I noticed that some websites use both these phrases and it looks like they are using them to talk about the same things.
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