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My father has pain in his upper arms and in the cord in his neck. His arms are swelling up. What might be wrong?

Posted by kirkyeehee

My father (67 years old) Has been having pain in the upper part of his right arm for a while. Now he is having pain in both arms in the upper part and in the cord in his neck (left side I believe). It bothers him bad enough he can barely sleep. He put a heat pack on his arm and his wrists started swelling later that night. What might the problem be?
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I talked him into going to the ER with it and after an 8 hour wait we finally found that arthritis has popped up all over his body. He had it in his hips... now it's in his arms, wrist, hands and neck too and that was causing inflammation causing the swelling. They told him to set up an appointment with the family doctor. He already had one set up for a few days from now so that kinda worked out. Thank you for giving an answer RxBlogger.
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