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my dad has a bad case where he vomits and has stomach pains and won't go sleep nor docter what should i do? <@@>

Posted by hsjhdhh567

help me please kid need hero


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I'm afraid there's not much a doctor can do if the patient won't come in for an evaluation.  There's really not much available over-the-counter to combat vomiting.  Instead, what really needs to happen is to figure out why your dad is throwing up.  That way, rather than just whitewash & cover up the vomiting, we can stop it from happening in the first place by fixing what's wrong.  Find out why he won't go see his doctor.  There are plenty around in case he doesn't like the one he's seen in the past.  And if he has no insurance, there are many low cost & even free options available to him (assuming you live in the States - I can't speak for the rest of the world) that I've noted on my website.  Good luck!
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