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my bruised arm shoulder hasnt healed in 9 months and my doctor cant find anything wrong with it how do I heal it?

Posted by Mario M. Facebook

its inflammated and though at first the doctor gave me antiinflammatioon pills and they worked...everytime I used the arm to pick up stuff or straighten it it got swollen again so there has never been any recovery
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Since you want to learn detail to detail...I hurt my shoulder in March/2011 when a 80 pound dumbells slipped my wrist and my gym partner's hand and hit me in the shoulder. Since then I hava had the upper part of my shoulder hurt where it connects with the trapezoid muscle. i went to a physician. He ordered an MRI which only said that I had unremarkable tendons on a note. He looked at the scans and said there was nothing wrong. I looked at him puzzled and said if there is nothing wrong which is it inflammated and it hurts when i weight train. He said to do warm up exercises and to visit him in a couple of months if the condition continues....He told me  to continue using ice to treat it and thats it. I havent visit him again of course cause it felt as if I went to a General doctor and told him I had the flu and he would instruct me to buy tylenol and drink a lot of fluids. He didnt gave me cure just hoped the sickness would go on its own. Of course my arm is still swollen as it was almos t a year ago which has led for me to stop my weight lifting routine and doing light exercises which are quite disheartening to a weightlifter.

We need to review a couple of different concepts.  First, for you to heal, you need adequate time prior to testing it out again.  Depending upon the extent of the injury, we're talking weeks to months!  And by testing, I don't mean go back to what you were doing previously but rather slowly increase your efforts.  By your post, it's not clear to me that you've had adequate opportunity to recover.


With that said, if you want to figure out what's going on, MRI is usually the test of choice.  However, a recent study showed that MRIs tend to show anatomic changes/damage when there's no clinical damage, eg pain.  They did this by looking at MRIs of major league baseball pitchers who were pain free.  Nearly all of their MRIs had changes on their throwing shoulder even though none of them had any complaints.  So, get the MRI if you're prepared for surgery.  Or at least consider a complete session of physical therapy.  Good luck!

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