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my boyfriend experiences a "burning" sensation in the bottom of both his feet and on both his palms. while this is happening his

Posted by phoenix

this happens to him a few times a week and lasts about 30 mins or so. sometimes it is just his feet or palms and other times it is both. again as i stated it last about 30 mins to an hour and his feet or palms are hot to the touch...very hot to the touch. it seems to only happen after he lays down.
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Eating green leafy vegetables, if possible in raw form may help you to overcome burning sensation as it is very healthy in this condition and helps in early recovery as it contains enough vitamin B complex.Massaging your feet also helps increase the circulation of blood in the feet. Ointments like Lamisil or Lotramin can be applied to the burning areas for relief.In case the burning sensation of feet persists even after the above remedies it might be a sign of the onset of diabetes.


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