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Muscletech naNO Vapor Re-viewed: Grape Rush Flavor

Posted Oct 20 2008 3:58pm

naNo Vapor Grape Rush Last time I reviewed Muscletech’s naNO Vapor was about a year ago. At first I was very unsatisfied with the flavor that I reviewed, which was the fruit punch flavor that they initially came out with. Later I tried the blue-raspberry flavor, which was a better tastes but still didn’t taste all that great. Luckily for Muscletech, the product works well for during workout and recovery.

It’s has been awhile since I last used naNO Vapor, so I decided to try it again and try a different flavor. This time around I bought the new “Grape Rush” flavor. Once again the results were favorable but the flavor is still undesirable. I tried the grape flavor because I have tried other grape flavored supplement drinks such as BSN’s Cell Mass, which tasted great. Sadly the flavor of the Grape Rush is not something that I think I will be able to push through. I’ll be returning it to GNC and they will gladly let me exchange it for hopefully a better tasting naNO Vapor. If that one tastes as bad, I will probably just gut it out and use it because I like the results I get.

NOTE: GNC will exchange and sometimes refund a product if you are not satisfied with it’s results or simply the taste. You must have your receipt and there has to be product left in the container. Also it must be returned within 30 days.

Image Source: GNC.Com

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