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Multiple self healing subcutenous nodules on penile shaft and scrotal sac

Posted by vindymantel


I have developed multiple subcutenous itchy soft nodules on my penile shaft and scrotal sac. the nodules first developed on the scrotal sac and then later on on the penile shaft. These nodules subside after a couple of days.

Please note:

These nodules were developed after i started developing itching in my groin area, instead of scratching i preferred pinching the skin which resulted in these nodules on the scrotal sac and later on these developed on multiple areas of the penile (subcutenous)surface. 

These nodules neither bleed or nor secrete puss cells, before dissapering they just develop a flacky skin which shedds off after time.

 Iam still a virgin and am not involved in any sort of sexual activities and hence could assume that this is not a case of STD and hence STD could be ruled out.

 I tried using an broad spectrum antifungal cream (Clotrimazole with betamethasone) and found some relief in the itching.

These nodules again develop when i start piching the skin again.   Please help!....... How do i get rid of them on a permanent basis. Should i try an oral anitibiotic or a combination of both, if yes please suggest.

 Thanks!........ Vindy

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